Mimeo's Mastering Options



Software-automated volume boost & EQ optimization administered by a professional engineer

Custom volume and EQ optimization by experienced mastering engineer using top-of-the-line software and outboard gear

2 to 3 business days

4 to 5 business days

$199 flat for first 10 tracks
$15 each additional track

$199 flat for first 2 albumtracks
$50/track for next 5 tracks
$25/track for tracks 8 and higher

Automated EQ & Compression

Pro Crafted EQ & Compression

Revisions not included

Revisions included

Why Audio Mastering?

Audio mastering is the post production process of preparing and transferring your recorded audio from the final studio mix to a data storage device (the master). The master will be the source from which copies are digitally distributed or physically produced via CD duplication or replication. Mastering engineers may apply corrective equalization and dynamic compression to optimize sound translation on all playback systems.